Adult French Classes

Private, in-person or online French classes for adults designed to help you achieve fluency and effectiveness in spoken French. Our private adult French courses focus on conversation, use and comprehension of idiomatic expressions, clarity of pronunciation, authenticity of accent, correct grammatical usage and structure, and reading comprehension and fluency. They aim to give you the tools to speak French fluently and comfortably.

Our adult French classes methodology and the manifold benefits of fluency in one of the world’s leading languages of business, politics and culture are spelled out elsewhere in this site. We encourage you to visit those pages.

Elite French Tutoring goes the extra mile in accommodating your busy schedule and lifestyle. We strive for maximum flexibility in scheduling learning sessions that are convenient for you.

In this regard, we have lots of experience. We have been working in New York since 2012. Since then, we have had the privilege of serving a host of very busy and accomplished people who came to us with high expectations (testimonials). These have included a District Attorney of Manhattan, the author of several New York Times best sellers, Ivy League professors, diplomats serving at the United Nations, an award-winning chef, as well as medical doctors, attorneys and businesspersons.

We could not have been successful if we did not make every effort to tailor our programs to the needs and expectations of very busy people, if we had taken an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach to designing our learning programs, or not offered teachers with the intellectual and culture level to retain the interest of a sophisticated clientele.

We pride ourselves on professionalism in dealing with clients, our commitment to excellence, our service orientation, and our reliability. We hope you will be the beneficiary of our Adult French Classes.

And those potential clients who have children might wish to consider availing themselves of our private French classes for kids.

While Elite French Tutoring maintains a base in Manhattan and Brooklyn and is thus able to serve New York with in-person, private French lessons at your home or at a location of your choosing, you may wish to consider learning French with us online.

There is a lot to be said for online French classes. They can save you time, and, in this time of public health concerns stemming from viruses, can reduce your exposure while still helping you to meet your goal of fluency in French.

Elite French Tutoring would be delighted to provide you with private French classes and looks to hearing from you.

Level Assessment:

10-20 minute virtual contact to establish your level of French and learning needs and discuss a customized program for you (free of charge - contact us)

Individual or group French lessons at your home or other location:

Adult french classes:

$100 per hour