Level Assessment

We begin by assessing your level of French, usually in a 10-20 minute telephone conversation. This service is free of charge.

Then, in consultation with you, we create a customized program that fits your needs. Vocabulary, grammar, and context are tailored to your specific learning needs and goals. Engaging, yet rigorous, methods are utilized to support successful French mastery.

We provide regular feedback to students on their progress and areas for improvement, including, where children are concerned, with their parents.

We provide private French lessons throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and the other boroughs. Our tutors can come to your home, office, or other location, as you wish.

We also provide French classes online on a global basis irrespective of location.


Individual or group French lessons at your home, office, other location, or online:


$100 per hour


$100 for 45 min
$125 an hour

Two or more adult students:

$150 per hour ($75/student)

Speech/Accent Coaching:

$100 per hour

Companies & Businesses:

$150 per hour
$ 850 (6 hours package)
$ 1700 (12 hours package)

Online Coaching:

$70 (45 min)
$100 (1 hour)
6 hours package: $540

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