French Lessons Connecticut

French Lessons in Connecticut

French Lessons in Connecticut. Elite French Tutoring began offering private French lessons on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2012 and quickly expanded to Brooklyn and other parts of the New York metropolitan area. Contact us for French classes in CT today.

We are pleased to offer private French classes for adults and children in Connecticut and look forward to hearing from residents of the Nutmeg State who may wish to avail themselves of our services. Those residing in parts of Connecticut beyond the regional commuter network may wish to consider private online French lessons in Connecticut.

Our commitment to providing French classes of excellence in Connecticut is common to all of our activities in the City of New York and the metropolitan area.


Elite French Tutoring is dedicated to helping Connecticut residents and summer visitors bring their French to the next level through intensive in-home and/or online French classes that place a premium on client service, professional excellence, and dynamic face-to-face interaction between our tutors and clients.

Connecticut residents can avail themselves of private French lessons for Adults, French Classes for Children, Corporate French-language training, and Business French for Beginners at home, in the office or at any location convenient to them.

We welcome students at the Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Opt for our premium French Classes in Connecticut today!

Thus, depending on your level of previous exposure to French, you can start learning French grammar and the rudiments of French conversation from scratch, or you can dramatically boost conversational ability if you already possess a basis in the language. Our private French lessons are tailored to your level of experience and personal and professional needs.

In addition to imparting knowledge of the French language through in-home and online French classes, Elite French Tutoring immerses the student in knowledge of France and French culture as well as the countries of la France d’outre mer and of la francophonie more broadly.

Level Assessment:

10-20 minute virtual contact to establish your level of French and learning needs and discuss a customized program for you (free of charge - contact us)

French classes in Connecticut. Individual or group French lessons at your home, office, other location, or online:

Adults tailored lessons


Lessons: from 40 minutes to 2 hours
$100 for 40 min – $125 one hour lesson
4-weeks tailored program
8-weeks tailored program
3-months tailored program
6-months tailored program
1-year tailored program

Children tailored

Lessons: from 40 minutes to 2 hours
$100 for 40 min – $125 one hour lesson

Corporate & Business

Lessons: from 40 minutes to 2 hours
$100 for 40 min – $125 one hour lesson
(6 hours package)
(9 hours package)
(12 hours package)

Two or more students

Lessons: from 1 to 2 hours
Price varies depending on the number of students. Please contact us for more information.

Speech & accent coaching

Lessons: from 1 to 2 hours
$125 per hour


”I have worked with Andrei on my French for over a year. I have had more progress working with him then with any of several “well-regarded” apps. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly. His “tutoring style” is contemporary, effective, and fun.”

— Richard N. 

”I was heading to France for a several week visit, and hadn’t spoken or studied it in many years, though I once knew how to at least somewhat. On a lark, I answered Andrei’s posting, seeking a flexible tutor who’d be willing to sit and talk (in French, but giving me words as needed), about real life topics I might want to discuss, rather than common phrases and ways to buy or order. We talked politics, culture, argued, had fun – and Andrei was excellent as correcting me, supplying vocabulatry, helping me find ways to remember words, and it was exactly what I needed. And as a bonus, Andrei is interesting, attractive, flexible (at scheduling, at shifting direction), funny, smart, and an all around terrific person.”

— Carlin M.