4 Advantages When You Take Lessons in French language

Why is it important to learn french? Maybe you have just decided to take French lessons; perhaps through a tutor or a program. You might be shelling out some money so you might be wondering: what are the advantages when you take French lessons? Today, we will be discussing what benefits you receive when you take French lessons and ways to maximize your potential when you take your lessons.

Advantages When You Take French Lessons | Benefits of learning the french language

Advantages When You Take French Lessons | Benefits of learning the french language

Customized Learning

When you learn from a textbook or YouTube tutorials, you are learning from something that is designed without you in mind; it is for anyone, everyone, and no one in particular. It is not customized to your learning style, learning needs, or you as an individual in any way shape or form.

However, when you take French lessons, you get the benefit of having customized learning that is in pace with your French learning journey. The lessons will increase in difficulty, taking into account the skills you already have and the skills you don’t yet have. This effect is even stronger when you have a tutor as the tutor knows you as an individual and is better able to tailor your learning suited towards you and you only.


When building habits of any kind, it can be hard to stay motivated. This is especially true habits that take special consistency and dedication; like learning French. When you take French lessons, because you are following a succession that is meant to keep you engaged and challenge you, you might find it rewarding to complete your lessons and work towards the next one; keeping you motivated. With Duolingo, you earn points and are encouraged to hit your goal number of points per day. You also earn a streak for however many days in a row you do your lessons. These features motivate you to continue your progress and ultimately, to continue learning.

In the case of taking French lessons in person or with a tutor, having an actual person who measures your achievements and progress can be incredibly motivating. Words of encouragement, advice, and gentle nudges in the right direction can be just the motivation you need.

Context Matters

As French is an old language, a lot of the material you will find to learn French might be old or outdated. The speech you learn might be too formal or simply just out of touch with how native French speakers speak. By getting French lessons, you will be able to receive more context about French; the current way it is spoken, how this word sounds in a certain context, and how to say something with two meanings, etc. Without a doubt, context matters within a language and with lessons, you will be able to receive the vital context that is integral to your French learning journey.


Pronunciation is something that most French learners struggle with and many even quit their French learning journey because of the difficulty they may face with pronunciation. The good news is that with French lessons, you will be able to perfect your pronunciation. Why read off of a pronunciation handout or try and read instructions on how to pronounce a word and why not perfect your pronunciation through French lessons? If you take in person French classes, you will be able to real person critique. If you take French lessons through an app like Duolingo, you will also receive some critique (whether or not the software recognizes the word you are trying to say when you use your device’s mic.

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How To Get The Most Out of Your Lessons

Now, taking lessons might be incredibly useful in your French learning journey, but it is important for you to take the steps needed in order to get the most out of your French lessons. Firstly, it is important for you to treat your French lessons as you would treat an academic course; be consistent with your studying, do your homework at home to enhance your learning, and be dedicated.

Also, it is important for you to take full advantage of all that your French lessons offer. If there is extra practice, do it! Your French lessons are there to help you, so be sure you are making the most of your lessons.


To conclude, it is incredibly advantageous When You Take French Lessons. With the benefits you receive in your pronunciation, the context and motivation you receive, and the customized learning you get, if you have not considered taking French lessons already, then you should definitely do so.

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