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10-20 minute virtual contact to establish your Level of French, career  focus,
and to discuss a customized program, all free of charge.
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Expertly Certified Teachers from Leading French Universities Igniting a Love for Learning

French lessons for kids

Elite French Tutoring offers world-class private French classes and courses to a select clientele in New York, Washington, D.C. and globally online in any location. We provide private tailored French classes and virtual immersion French courses for children, young adults and college students. 

Our mission is to bring your French to the next level through intensive in-home and/or virtual private French classes that place a premium on client service, professional excellence, and dynamic face-to-face interaction between our online French tutors and clients

We focus on conversation in a one to one setting that evolves in line with your child’s needs and aspirations. And because their individual level is assessed at the very beginning, they can learn French with a teacher in a truly personal, customized way.

Learn French Language for Children

Private French classes for children (GRADES K1–12) can pay significant dividends in a child’s future development. Learning foreign languages is a skill that should be inculcated early on. It tends to be highly transferable from one language to another. As such, it can help a child acquire a habit and aptitude that will stand him or her in good stead for years to come. Parents and guardians are well-advised to attend to this aspect of their charges’ education. Raising children and young adults with an outward-looking mentality who are open to overseas realities, developments and cultures is important in a world marked by ever-deepening international interaction. Thus, the dividends paid by private French classes accrue not only to the child but more broadly to society. 10-20 minute virtual contact to establish your child’s level of French, learning needs, and to discuss a customized program, all free of charge.

Information :

Private French Lessons for Kids are especially appropriate for children whose daily lives take place in a mono-lingual culture. They need every opportunity for exposure to another language. When they learn French with a teacher who is fully committed to the EFT approach of personalized, customized learning, the results will speak for themselves.

How can I make it easy for me and my child to learn French?

Most study a foreign language in school, although some are not exposed to such study until junior high school. Private French classes at a young age gives them a leg up. If they are already studying French at school, private French classes can boost their performance. If they will not undertake foreign language study until later in their schooling while still in elementary school, private French lessons for kids can give them an early start.

EFT Vs Online Apps



EFT Vs Online Apps

ChildOnline Option
Apps have complex downloads, passwords, and sign in processes
EFT is easy, simple, and led by certified teachers
Apps are impersonal and can be hard to follow
EFT offers the encouragement and direction only humans can provide
Apps are robotic and lack passion in how they ‘speak’enhances rather than distracts.
EFT listens to learners’ frustrations and helps them perfect their accent

Why do you need French lessons for kids?

Learning another language benefits them in education, relationships, friendships and even careers.

A child that learns another language will become more intelligent and have a higher IQ while learning problem solving skills too! They learn not only how to solve problems but learn problem solving skills too!

The benefits of bilingualism for children include improved memory, concentration and better thinking.

According to the United States Census Bureau by 2050, due to immigration and other factors, there will be over 300 languages spoken in America. This is why it’s important learn a second language!

To learn more on these benefits please see our article here:
Why Your Child Should Learn French as a Second Language?

How to find the right French lessons for kids with private tutors & teachers?

Learning French is something that begin immediately with continual progress for many years to come. Students who learn French with a teacher can target all around improvement on a continual basis while simultaneously achieving peak performance in time for a formal examination. The key is to find a teacher who combines learning with enjoyment.

Some of the children Elite French Tutoring has taught were being raised in homes in the United States where one parent or both were native French speakers. Nevertheless, the parents realized that French lessons could help their children improve their spelling, grammar and vocabulary, which are not necessarily inculcated in family discussions at the kitchen table.

EFT and the perfect fit


Online Option


EFT and the perfect fit


Online Option


Go so much further with EFT?

Explore the learning journeys of other younger learners through a range of engaging mediums

Videos and audio

Books and reading materials

Direct conversations and games

Interactive sessions that combine fun and learning

Teaching tailored to all abilities and confidence levels

Our experts can help your child speak their first few words, expand from only speaking to also reading and writing, and work towards the goal of full fluency in all settings. Every child is different, so we begin with a level assessment before recommending the perfect way forward.

How to find the tutor who properly teaches my child to like French?

Many parents and guardians in New York engage tutors to boost the academic performance of the children and young adults in their care. Often, this involves such key subjects as mathematics, English and the sciences. But foreign language study should not be overlooked. After all, marks in language classes figure in the student’s Grade Point Average which is an important criterion in the competitive world of college admissions.

Many parents come to us with questions about our customized approach to learning French:

How long does it take to learn French?

How can my child learn French?

How can my child improve their conversational French?

At every stage we go to great lengths to answer questions on a personal basis, showing you that your child’s education is in the best hands. So often, the answer is found in the immersive and engaging way in which we deliver personalized lessons that increase in scope and difficulty as your child’s ability and confidence grows.

We hope you find the case for private French classes for kids and young adults as compelling as a number of our clients have. If so, Elite French Tutoring looks forward to hearing from you.

How can I make it easy for me and my child to learn French?

Thus, depending on your level of previous exposure to French, you can start learning French grammar and the rudiments of French conversation from scratch, or you can dramatically boost conversational ability if you already possess a basis in the language. Our private French classes are tailored to your level of experience and personal and professional needs.

How can my child learn French?

How will you improve my child’s conversational French?

Get world class training in a way that’s convenient and never look back. It sounds simple when you put it like that, and that’s because our certified professional allow you to learn French with a teacher in a way that fits seamlessly into your life.

Expert guidance and feedback to ensure success, improvement, and rapid progress

A cutting-edge learning platform with an interactive, rich multimedia experience.
We offer a curriculum that is more flexible and tailored to the needs of our students
Individual assignments that help students develop independence and self-confidence

confidence Engaging online chat feature that enhances rather than distracts

When learning online, messages are exchanged with your French tutor to ensure you are on track before each online lesson. This system allows you to work on topics that are relevant to you only while focusing on conversational skills in an online environment.

How can my child learn French?

Ask Simon

18 months ago Simon came to EFT with issues focusing because his French lessons in school didn’t engage him or hold his attention. He was frequently sent out from the class, failed to complete assignments, and showed little aptitude for the subject. Needing to pass the class meant his parents reached out to EFT. Today Simon is head boy at his school, increasingly confident with his spoken French, and recently captained his rugby team on a 10-day trip to France where they played against local youth teams. How was the transformation possible? With a personalized approach to learning that started by assessing Simon’s current level and then focusing each piece of work on a topic he found interesting. By learning to discuss his hobbies and pastimes in French, he was able to stay engaged and focused like never before.

Simon’s journey began with our proven level assessment, so why shouldn’t yours?


10-20 minute virtual contact to establish your Level of French, career focus, and to discuss a customized program, all free of charge.


Lessons: from 40 minutes to 2 hours

Why should you contact EFT today?

EFT is designed to provide a proven approach to immersive learning that allows your child to learn French with a teacher in a way that they truly enjoy. It’s a chance to speak with confidence, explore the world, and make new connections in a way that makes them feel like they can do anything and go anywhere. Contact EFT today so we can:

Establish your current level of French

Discuss your individual learning needs

Highlight any deadlines or urgent dates

Talk about how you want to use French

Start building a customized program

Develop methods to maintain focus and attention

Set your child on a path to success without delay

Give them a new sense of confidence

Open up pathways in their future

Give them a new skill to travel the world with

We can achieve all of this together in a single 10-20 minute virtual contact supplied free of charge by a certified expert French teacher. Welcome to the simplest, most effective, and most enjoyable learning journey your child will ever experience.

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Absolutely, our approach is open, inclusive, and informed by an initial level assessment of every member of your team.

Allow our teachers to guide you and your French learning journey will progress naturally. Ideal for creating new opportunities for your team to network and your reputation to grow. 

In our experience everyone can learn French with a teacher online by first embracing the initial level assessment. This allows our team to quickly develop a customized approach for every member of your team

Yes, we’ve even helped members of the UN and prestigious NYC law firms. If your organization needs to speak better French, EFT will be by your side. We also offer help preparing for the DFA (Diplôme de Français des Affaires) — a prestigious diploma, offered by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), assesses business French skills in various business contexts like negotiation, marketing, and finance.

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