Adult french classes

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Adult french classes

We offer private, in-person or online French classes for adults of all ages and abilities. Our students enjoy a dedicated and highly certified professional teacher who will help them achieve fluency and effectiveness in spoken French via a personalized one-to-one experience. When you learn French with a teacher who focuses on the art of conversation, you will build a much better understanding of idiomatic expressions, improve the clarity of your pronunciation, and speak with an authentic accent. There is also significant scope for correct grammatical usage and structure, as well as reading comprehension and fluency.

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We Help You Clarify Your Goals and Achieve Them

How can I learn French?

How can I learn French?

At Elite French Tutoring, we are committed to excellence in our teaching methods so that you have everything you need to elevate your understanding of the French language. When you learn French with a teacher, you will be able to effortlessly impress your friends by ordering from the wine list, sharing stories of your travels, and even describing the wonders of Paris Fashion week in their native tongue. Our courses focus on conversation in a one to one setting that evolves in line with your individual needs and aspirations. Your individual level is assessed at the very beginning, allowing our certified expert teachers to guide you towards a level of progress and under-standing that is achieved in the fastest possible way.

Ready to master conversational French?

We pride ourselves on our ability to custom-make our programs. Elite French Tutoring is devoted not only to improving your mastery of French through its private, tailor-made French lessons, but to deepening your appreciation and understanding of one of the great fonts of world culture. To hear more about how you can learn French in those most engaging, efficient way, simply reach out via our seamless contact form here:

We also have a wide range of options for those looking to embark on a more formal course of study that is particularly well suited to professional development. 

How can I learn French for professional growth?

When you use EFT to learn French with a teacher, you can get custom preparation strategies for highly regarded French language certifications. As well as a source of personal pride and a show of competency, they can be a real advantage when applying for new roles or places on highly competitive academic courses for further study.


Both the Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF) and the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF) are recognized qualifications issued by the French Ministry of Education to certify proficiency in French. Among French-speaking countries, this record can be beneficial in applications for school records, college admissions, or jobs. Lifetime validity of scores.


Exams leading to advanced diplomas are offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, including the DFP Juridique B2 (Diplôme de Français Professionnel Juri-dique), the DFP Affaires B2 and C1 (Diplôme de Français Professionnel Affaires).

Ready to boost your professional development?

How long does it take to learn French?

EFT goes the extra mile in accommodating your busy schedule and lifestyle, ensuring you make discernible progress after every single session. We have worked for some of the busiest, most in-demand progressional in city, including a District Attorney of Manhattan, the author of several New York Times best sellers, Ivy League professors, diplomats serving at the United Nations, an award-winning chef, as well as medical doctors, attorneys and businesspersons.

In every case, the secret to the success of our approach lies in the way our teachers go to greater lengths than anyone else to tailor each lesson to the individual aims of our students. When you learn French with a teacher you can work to your own timeless, ensuring you make progress towards your goals that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your ability.

The simple answer to the question ‘How long does it take to learn French?’ is that it takes however long you would like it to. We adapt to suit your goals so that you never have to wait or settle for less.

How long does it take to learn French?

Need to pass a French language diploma?

Our personalized online tutoring offers intensive programs designed to get you to your target level efficiently. These programs feature focused daily sessions with a variety of teachers, allowing you to tackle multiple core topics simultaneously.

Need to brush up on your spoken French before a trip?

Imagine being able to get a taxi from the airport, chat to the driver, navigate the hotel check-in, and then wow your travel companions with inspired choices from the wine menu in the evening. They knew you had studied French a little many years ago, but they had no idea you could be so insightful and charming in a second language. We’ll help you make quite the first impression.

What can I achieve by learning French?

Improving your speaking skills with custom online lessons is the best way to work towards higher levels of fluency, comprehension, and confidence when speaking. At EFT, we be-lieve that no student should be limited by their past experiences or starting point — we all have the potential to achieve flawless levels of fluency in the way we seek.

Perhaps you resonate with one or more of the following scenarios…

You improve your spoken French quickly

Embark on our proven path of French immersion lessons where your highly skilled and fully certified tutor speaks nothing but French. These fun, engaging, and challenging classes are designed to reflect real-world situations, allowing you to quickly start addressing pronunciation based on your needs, goals, and deadlines.

You want to have fun and learn a couple of new words

Your teacher will start off with a blend of English and French, allowing you to get to grips with your new language and make steady progress. Along the way the amount of French spoken will increase in line with your own personal development.

You want to get around France without speaking English

You know some words, phrases, and grammar and now you want to be able to get around. with real grace and authenticity. Your teacher will help you read French so you can read maps, road signs, and information boards. Your confidence and competence will grow in parallel as soon as you put your new skills into practice.

You want to be able to write fluently in French

You now want to be able to write emails and short messages in the French language without asking for help from a native speaker. Our teachers will guide you through the process of creating your own subject-specific lexicon so that you can communicate ideas, emotions, thoughts, and details with fluency and confidence.

How can I learn French?

How can I improve my conversational French?

Get the world class training you need to reach your goals in a way that’s convenient for you and you’ll never look back. It sounds simple when you put it like that, and that’s because our certified professional allow you to learn French with a teacher in a way that fits seamlessly into your life.

1. Your instructor will provide you with expert guidance and feedback to ensure success, improvement, and rapid progress

2. We will always deliver a cutting-edge learning platform with an interactive, rich multimedia experience.

3. We offer a curriculum that is more flexible and tailored to the needs or our students because know it’s what makes the difference.

4. Individual assignments that help students develop independence, critical thinking skills and self-confidence.

5. The tutor will keep you engaging and interested with an online chat feature that enhances rather than distracts.

All of the above combine to create a highly engaging environment built on mutual trust and respect and fueled by free-flowing conversation. For those looking to find a way to answer the age-old ‘How can I improve my conversational French?’ question, we have the solution. Private online lessons can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for you; focusing on what you want to learn while taking place wherever is most comfortable for you. You can learn online with a private online French tutor at your own pace and in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room via ZOOM. When learning online, messages are exchanged with your French tutor to ensure you are on track before each online lesson. This system allows you to work on topics that are relevant to you only while focusing on conversational skills in an online environment.

Go so much further with EFT

Explore the learning journeys of people just like you and go to places you could never have imagined. All you have to do is…

Ask Suzanne

Suzanne came to us at the age of 62, having learned French in school more than four decades previously. She remembered just a handful of words and wanted to feel confident ordering from the menu at her local French restaurant for her birthday. In just 12 weeks, she was able to speak conversational French and impressed her friends with her pronunciation and confidence. It was all possible thanks to a personalized program of twice-weekly one-to-one conversations with a certified teacher who understood where she wanted to get to. The level of English was gradually reduced, allowing the teacher to bring out dormant knowledge that Suzanne hadn’t used since her schooldays. She has now continued her pathway with the dream of traveling to Paris for Fashion Week. The best bit? Two of her friends were impressed to the point where two of them now take weekly classes with EFT and hope to be able to follow in her footsteps. It may just be the trip to remember for a lifetime!

Suzanne’s journey began with our proven level assessment, so why shouldn’t yours?

Ask Sarah

Last summer, Sarah’s French ability was rated at the A1 level. She was a Marketing Manager at Channel NYC, faced limited career advancement due to French proficiency limitations. Being unable to present for an extended period of time, or lead negotiations, became a significant hurdle in her career development. She needed to improve her proficiency so she had more leverage to push for a promotion. EFT worked with Sarah to deliver a 6-month personalized program, incorporating Simulated Business Scenarios, French Etiquette, and Negotiation Skills, empowering Sarah to thrive in a professional setting. Within 8 weeks of completed her program, she closed a major new client account with a face-to-face pitch and 30-minute negotiation. Just 1 week later she was shortlisted for, and ultimately granted, a prestigious promotion to the role of Senior Marketing Manager.

Sarah’s journey began with our proven level assessment, so why shouldn’t yours?

the level assessment

10-20 minute virtual contact to establish your level of French and learning needs and dis-cuss a customized program for you (free of charge – contact us)

Adult french classes

Individual or Semi-Private Lessons at your home or other location:


Lessons: from 40 minutes to 2 hours

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Your French tutor will do all of the following online for FREE in as little as 10 minutes:

Establish your current level of French

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Highlight any deadlines or urgent dates

Talk about how you want to use French

Start building a customized program

Set you on a path to success without delay

You can achieve all of this in a single 10-20 minute virtual contact supplied free of charge by a certified expert French teacher. Welcome to the simplest, most effective, and most enjoyable learning journey of your life.


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Customized | Flexible | Progressive

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