Best Virtual French Language Course

Best Virtual French Language Course

At Elite French Tutoring, we are committed to excellence in our teaching methods, which are designed to bring your French to the next level whether through interactive in-home or virtual lessons with you own personal tutor – an experienced native French speaker. We do this for adults, young adults and children depending on the student’s specific circumstances and wishes.

Our courses focus on conversation, use and comprehension of idiomatic expressions, clarity of pronunciation, authenticity of accent, correct grammatical usage and structure, and reading comprehension and fluency. They aim to give you the tools to speak French fluently and comfortably. We tailor these goals to the age of students, their personal and professional needs, and previous background in French. We pride ourselves on our ability to custom-make our programs.


Elite French Tutoring is devoted not only to improving your mastery of French through its private, tailor-made French lessons, but to deepening your appreciation and understanding of one of the great fonts of world culture.

EFT has acquired a lot of experience in online teaching over the years and especially since the onset of the pandemic. So let’s explore some of the ins and outs of online learning at EFT.


Teaching Methodology 

  • Level Assessment 

Your journey with Elite French Tutoring starts when one of our experts assesses your level of French in a telephone conversation. After a 10-to-20-minute chat, he or she is able to recommend which course is best suited your level.

  • Devise a Customized Program 

Whatever your level, you will be able to customize your program. Your tutor will help you determine the optimal timeline of your program, the degree to which you need to review grammar depending on your level of French, and kind of vocabulary you will concentrate on in your lessons depending on your professional needs and/or personal interests — business, finance, diplomacy, journalism, the arts, etc.

Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional or just someone who aspires to speak French well for the pleasure it gives, you can integrate learning with your daily routine – and EFT is committed to helping you do so. We have lots of experience accommodating the schedules of busy clients. Your tutor will regularly assess your performance, suggest areas for improvement, help you tackle weaknesses.   We provide these services for adults and children alike.


Private and Virtual French Language Courses 

Your tutor can come to your house or to a location your both agree to, or you can have lessons online – the choice is yours!   ETF offers one-on-one lessons in New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn) and Washington, D.C. Not a problem if you don’t live in these places. We offer our full range of services on a global basis.


Learning Programs at Elite French Tutoring 

Here is a quick overview of the programs offered at Elite French Tutoring!

  • French Classes for Adults 

Whether you are a college student or pursuing a career, the program is designed to accommodate your busy schedule and lifestyle. Elite French Tutoring works with you to maximize your personal convenience.

The lessons focus on conversation, pronunciation, and confidence-building in helping you to speak French fluently and effectively. We put strong emphasis on a sound grasp of grammar, sentence structure and the development of an authentic French accent.

  • French Classes for Children

Your children can learn French in the same convenient and effective way as adults. Learning a major foreign language like French opens a host of possibilities for a students or young child. Learning French at a young age inculcates skills that are transferable to other languages, making each subsequent language (depending on the degree of difficulty) easier to learn. Your child can learn French so as to complement another language he or she may be studying at school (Spanish, for example), or, if French is part his or her school curriculum, private lessons through EFT can give the child a significant boost and help him or get get better grades.

The study of a foreign language has considerable ramifications for a child. He or she absorbs not only the language, but the treasure-house of culture and history that goes with it. It is a very significant growth experience that will stand him or her in good stead for years to come.

  • French Classes for Companies and Organizations

Elite French Tutoring is happy to work with companies seeking lessons for individual or groups of employees. As with our private lessons, we offer them in person or online. For the time being, our in-person lessons for companies are restricted to New York and Washington.

Whether the client is a private company, NGO, or public organization, Elite French Tutoring tailors its program to the company’s needs, including stressing industry-specific vocabulary, situational role-playing and incorporating information about relevant Francophone markets. Our programs are designed to benefit employees who may be preparing to relocate to a Francophone country or do business in one.


Duration of Lessons at Elite French Tutoring and Interface

All clients have the choice of having lessons that last for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. For beginners with little to no experience in French, we find the student gets the best results by starting with weekly lessons of a least one hour. Much of course depends on the student’s schedule and resources.

Note that you can choose the interface that suits you. We use Zoom, Skype and Face Time most frequently but can work with a variety of apps depending on your preference.


The Bottom Line 

Elite French Tutoring is highly versatile and flexible: we can come to your home or other location or interact with you online as people increasingly prefer. Although we are physically present in New York and Washington, thanks to technology, we can offer our services on a global basis. Kindly contact us at your earliest convenience and we will put you in touch with a bilingual native French-speaker eager to launch you on the path to fluency in one of the world’s most beautiful and useful languages. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the Author

Andrei is a linguist who speaks several languages fluently. He founded Elite French Tutoring as an expression of his passion for entrepreneurship and for the French language and French culture. He has helped numerous professionals, students and young people dramatically improve their skills in the French language.

As the Emperor Charlemagne said: "To have another language is to possess a second soul."

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