How To Learn French Fast | 5 Best Ways to Learn a language

If we’re being honest, learning French is no easy feat. Many people often wish they knew French but do not try to learn the language because the concept overwhelms them. However, with the best ways to learn French fast, you won’t become just another statistic. So, without further ado, take a look at these tips and be sure to implement them in your own French learning journey! Best Ways to Learn French Fast

1. Active Recall

The concept of active recall is incredibly important when learning anything; especially with languages. Active recall, as defined by Osmosis, is “taking a topic you wish to learn, creating questions based on that topic, and then repeatedly testing yourself on those questions” which forces your brain to do a deep dive into your brain to reinforce what you learned. Ways you can active recall in the context of learning French is by making flashcards, quizzing yourself, or writing vocabulary words on one side of the paper and the meaning on the other side and covering one side to quiz yourself on the other side. Active recall has been found to be incredibly useful in synthesizing and learning new information. Give it a try!

2. Learn with Music

Learning French using the aid of music is not only incredibly fun, but also very effective. It can be quite monotonous and quite frankly, at times, even boring, to learn French through traditional media of speaking, books, and vocabulary sheets. Learning French through music can help you break the routine. You are much more likely to remember something you learned while you are enjoying yourself and having fun than if you were learning something that is boring. You can learn French using music by listening to songs pertaining to vocabulary words you are currently studying or, if you are at a more advanced level of learning, you can put on a French music radio and see what you can understand.

3. Implementing French in Your Life

Don’t just leave French for your devices and books; bring it into your daily life. Post sticky notes with vocabulary words all over your house to help you remember the words. For example, you can stick a sticky note with the word “mirror” on your mirror or the names of various food items on your groceries. You can even place sticky notes with words you are currently learning in places around your house where you will be sure to see them; so that way, you will never forget them. Another thing you can do is buy your groceries from France online so that way you can read the ingredients and names of the food and get extra French practice in your own home. For example, you can order this traditional French jam, Bonne Maman, from Amazon and try to see if you recognize some words on the packaging when you get it. You can test yourself or learn some new words you didn’t know before; plus you get yummy food straight from France in the process.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Ever heard the expression “practice makes perfect”? Well, if you haven’t heard it before, brand it on your brain so that you never forget it because remembering this expression will undoubtedly make your learning process go so much smoother. Consistency and practice will take you so far in learning and mastering French; further, than most people if you use those 2 elements well. Learning French is absolutely not a spectator’s sport; you must practice it to get better and better. If you commit to practicing French every day or a few days of a week at least, then you will never lose the knowledge you already have; rather, only gain new knowledge. You can get a study partner or a tutor to help you practice and remain consistent. Sometimes we need external sources of motivation to help us keep our goals in mind. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of those resources available to you.

5. Don’t Let Mistakes Discourage You!

Learning a new language can be quite difficult; that is why it is considered an impressive accomplishment to have a master French. So, when you make the inevitable mistake, don’t beat yourself up and instead use it to drive your hunger for knowledge further. There is so much besides vocabulary to learn when it comes to learning French, so go easy on yourself! You are only human! Your pronunciation and memory won’t always be perfect, so accept that as you are learning French. Feeling discouraged can cause you to lose motivation and even, in some cases, abandon your learning. So don’t give up hope! Best Ways to Learn French Fast


Whether you are a new learner or an advanced learner, keep in mind the 5 best ways to learn French fast we talked about today.  Learning French can be hard, but it is incredibly rewarding. I have the utmost confidence in you. Never lose hope, keep learning, and good luck! Contact us to schedule a free, quick, consultation to determine your French level and a custom learning plan for you!

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