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Are French People Rude Myth | Is It true?

Are French People Rude? Let’s find out! If you’ve heard any stereotypes about France or French people, and I’m sure you have, …

What do the French eat?

Foods Consumed in France – What Do The French Eat? Here in America, we’re constantly being told of an obesity epidemic and …

6 Ways To Completely Immerse Yourself In French Culture

French immersion programs – You open up your phone and scroll aimlessly on social media after a long day. Suddenly, you are …

When Can You Call Yourself Fluent in French? - French Fluency - French girl speaking French

How do I know if I am fluent in French? French Fluency – When you decided to learn French, you likely did …

French Language Etiquette And Rules - Elite French Tutoring - French city hall paris

Essential French Language Etiquette And Rules – Most people who are learning French have a dream of being able to experience a …

Where Do I Start with a French Immersion Program?

French Immersion Program – So you’ve attended your sessions with your French tutor in New York or virtually, you’ve done all your …

Embarrassing French Language mistakes - Elite French Tutoring

How to Recover from Embarrassing French Language Mistakes – One of the biggest barriers to people using their newly acquired French language …

French pronunciation - Does French Pronunciation Feel Impossible to You? - Tricks to get you started on pronouncing your French - French girl sitting learning French

French pronunciation – Does French Pronunciation Feel Impossible to You? Many people who decide to learn French are attracted to the beautiful …

French lady looking at the Eiffel Tower

Improve Your French – Whether you’re vacationing or busier than ever, summer is here and that means it’s time to have some …

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As the Emperor Charlemagne said: "To have another language is to possess a second soul."

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