4 Amazing Tips For Learning French Online For Beginners

How can I learn French fast by myself? Here you can Follow 4 Best Tips For Learning French Faster Online| So, you’ve decided to learn French and can’t wait to become fluent. With so many ways to go about learning French vocabulary for beginners, you might be wondering about some tips for learning French on your own. Today, we will be discussing tips that actually work and will get you to your goal of becoming efficient in French in no time! And, to further help you on your French learning journey, we will also be discussing things to avoid and what not to do in order to avoid slowing or halting your progress altogether.

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1. French Immersion

Let’s start off with an incredibly powerful tip that is often unfortunately overlooked by most French learners; immersing yourself in French in order to learn it faster. Many people think the best way to learn any new language is to pore over long vocabulary sheets and make complicated notes for conjugation. However, taking notes and memorization is a good idea in terms of learning; but it certainly is not the best way. Immersing yourself into a language and exposing yourself to multiple forms of media that consists of that language will surely make your language learning progress better. Whether you book a trip to Paris or watch a French movie (with or without English subtitles), actually hearing the language in a natural context and challenging yourself to respond (asking a French local where the nearest coffee shop is) is incredibly important. There are tons of fun ways to engage in French immersion and a technique for everyone.

2. Get a study partner

Let’s be real for a second; learning French isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It can actually be rather difficult and frustrating at times. There’s vocabulary to learn, grammar rules to learn, and pronunciation to master. It is no wonder so many people quit learning a new language, they simply lose motivation and find the process too overwhelming. This is why you may find it very rewarding to find someone who shares your goal: learning French. By having a study partner, you will have someone to help you on your journey and keep you motivated. Furthermore, you will have someone to do fun learning activities with. You and your study partner can watch a movie or TV episode in French and help each other out in real time if you are struggling with comprehension and can even quiz each other’s understanding on the content once you are done.

3. Download a French learning app

The world is undoubtedly in a digital era. Almost everything that is now available in real life is also available online; including French “classrooms”. Duolingo is perhaps the most popular French learning app; its user interface is easy to use and there is a reward system involved that helps learners want to keep going. The app prides itself on being easy to use and promises users that with minimal time on the app, they can make significant progress. Duolingo has modules that range from beginner levels to advanced levels. Each module focuses on a category (fashion, conversation, pets, etc.) and gives interactive lessons and requires a passing score on that module’s quiz in order for the user to move on to the next module. Duolingo is by far the most popular language learning app and also has a podcast for learners of several languages (including French)

Another language learning app is Babbel. It has a very similar format as Duolingo and is another popular French learning app. Babbel, according to its website, has over 10 million users and has interactive lessons very similarly to Duolingo. However, Babbel does require a paid subscription for the user to access all lessons beyond the first one.

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4. What NOT to do

In terms of what not to do, there is not little to discuss. Firstly, let’s get one thing out of the way, learning French is NOT a spectator sport. You can not just read the rules of its grammar or pronunciation and expect to have perfect grammar and pronunciation. You must practice on your own as well.

Secondly, you must not treat learning French as an occasional hobby. You must practice the language at minimum every couple of days if your schedule allows. You should be practicing French frequently in order to maintain your level and keep your “French brain” fresh at all times.

Lastly, you should ensure that your desire to learn French and your ambition for fluency never wavers. Learning a new language is hard and it may be tempting to give up. It is easy to give up but harder to keep going. But regardless, don’t give up. If learning French was your New Year’s resolution, don’t just give up (as many people do) at the start of February.


To conclude, you will find many tips online and in real life on tips for learning French. However, nothing will beat consistency and hard work. Stay motivated and be consistent! As we discussed, a study partner can greatly help with the problem of staying motivated and remaining consistent. An app with notification reminders delivered to your device like Duolingo and Babbel can also help remind you to stay consistent and work towards your goal. If a tutor is what you desire, contact us for your free, virtual assessment to help determine what is the best way for our qualified French tutors to help you achieve fluency.

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